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A shrine devoted to the kickass Seiryuu Seishi who can do it all! Soi!

Welcome to Pride Of Ice: A Dedication To Soi. Soi is an awesome character in the world of Fushigi Yuugi. She is the only current Seishi that is a woman and she's amazing. She has been through a lot yet has managed to stay intact. Her love for Nakago keeps her alive, unfortunately, he does not love her back. (or it seems so)She's a kickass fighter. Haku Kaen rocks! .

So anyways, I just wanted to share with you all how cool Soi really is. Even if you dont like her much, check out the page. Lots of pictures, information, and other things about Soi and the other Seiryuu Seishi.

Sorry I havent updated in a while but I'm getting to it now. At the moment, I'm adding the profiles of the Seiryuu seishi. *Update* Yay! I finally finished Nakago's profile! Only 5 more Seiryuu seishi to go!

Oh and I changed the layout a little. The old one was sloppy and...well...not good lol. Hope you like the new one!

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To Do List:

1.Finish Seiryuu profiles!!(5 more to go...^^)
2. Work on getting some Suzaku images up.
3. Work on Suzaku profiles.
4. Add some more Seiryuu and Soi images.
5. Make some more backgrounds and other goodies (hotbar skins, winamp skins, etc)
6. Tell me what else to add! Email me! I'm open to suggestions. But finishing the above ^^^ will take a while, considering school and finals and all.. Ack! Finals! And me here, working on my site! Email me, but it'll take me a while to put anything up! .:sigh:. Study time.... ^.~

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