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So this is some information about Soi. Keep watching this page. Eventually I'll have some more on her but since this page just started...


Real Name: Kaen Haku

Seishi Name: Soi

Pronounced: Soy

Age: 19

Birthday: October 30 >_< (she the devil...)

Where Haku Was Born: In the western part of Kutou Country, Nei Clan, Gen Village

Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)

Measurements: 35-22-33 (89-56-85)

Her Family: Sold her to be a prostitute(how sad!!)

Hair Color: Maroon/ Red

Eye Color: Bluish Green

Star Pattern: Scorpio

Blood Type: O

Seishi Power: Can control lightning and electromagnetism

Character/Location: "bo" aka Tassel which is on her upper left thigh

Interests: Using makeup ( thats an interest? >.<)

Soi's the fourth Seiryuu Seishi to apear in the show. She shows up quite mysteriously, wearing a black cloak which covers her body and face. Soi shows up to save Subooshi from Tamahome's rage when he finds out that Suboshi has killed his entire family for revenge of his brother, Amiboshi. Soi is a strong woman and intelligent at that.

Soi is a bold and courageous Seishi, also the only female one there is. She's extremely loyal to the people she loves (and thats not many) and she will always say what she thinks.Soi is also an awesome, skilled agile warrior. She is full of strength and has a knack for fighting. She is smart and avoids things she knows she can not handle.

Soi is also extremely good at handling men. (ahem) She was sold as a prostitute by her family when she was just eight years old. Soi's good at Bouchu magic (aka raising or lowering Chi by having sex.) Soi does not know how to express her feelings except through physical displays. She is also in love with Nakago and does anything he wants her too. She is not naturally a bad person but her love for Nakago drives her to do things she normally wouldnt. When she was 11 years old (i think) she tried to escape from where she was bein held as a prostitute but didnt make it. When her owner was yelling at her and about to hit her, Nakago came and beat him up and saved her. (how could she not fall in love with him?)However, Nakago does not love her back (or it seems so...) but he does care about Soi. When she dies, he realizes how much he really does care about her...

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