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This is Suboshi's profile!

Real Name: Bo Shunkaku
Seishi Name: Suboshi
Birthday: August 26
Age: 15
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Hair Color: Light Brown/Sometimes Green
Eye Color: Bluish
Blood Type: A
Seishi Power: He uses telekenesis to control his ryuuseisui( yoyoofdeath ^^)
Character: "kaku" or Angle
Location of His Character: On his left shoulder
Interests: excersising, loving his brother Amiboshi
Suboshi is the more violent of the two brothers. He uses his ryuuseisui as his weapon. He also loves Yui and tries to get her love in return, to no avail. He does not always listen to the whole story before seeking revenge, and his temper is short.


Suboshi,when confronted with the fact that his brother is dead, seeks revenge desperately from the Suzaku seishi. In his anger and rage, he kills Tamahome's family, and becomes the center of Tamahome's anger. Right as Tamahome is about to kill him, however, Soi comes and rescues Suboshi. Tamahome does not forget what Suboshi did and it comes back to haunt Suboshi in the future. Suboshi also refuses to drink the broth(which makes you lose your memory) that his brother offers him and instead follows his heart and stays by Yui. Suboshi is torn between his brother, who wants nothing more than peace, and Yui, the lady he loves. It is because of Yui that Suboshi has a grudge against Miaka.