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This is Nakago's profile!

Real Name: Gi Ayuru
Seishi Name: Nakago (obviously..)
Birthday: November 17
Age: 25
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Piercing Blue
Blood Type: ???
Seishi Power: Well, he has a killer chi blast...>.<
Character: "kokoro" or Heart (ironic isnt it?)
Location of His Character: On his forehead (like Tamahome)
Interests: Planning to take over the world (sound oddly familiar?)
Nakago is a man who does not know how to express his emotions and his hatred has gotten the better of him. He had a very sad life in the past, which I dont want to reveal.(for spoilers, scroll down.) He is a conniving, threatening figure who plays a big part in Fushigi Yuugi.

Soi, Haku Kaen, is in love with Nakago and has been ever since she was eleven years old, when he saved her from a cruel fate in a brothel where she had been sold. She fell in love with him. It is said that Nakago loved her back although it isnt a proven fact.(although I hope it is.. ~.^) It is also said that Tomo is in love with Nakago and this theory is exaggerated in many fan fics.


When Tamahome kills Nakago in the end, he sees the truth of Nakago's past. Nakago was born into the "Hin" race which apparently no one liked. The emperor of Kotou sent soldiers to kill the Hin race. Nakago, around 10 at the time, wanted to know why no one liked them. After all, they had done nothing to deserve that hate. Nakago has to go through seeing his mother getting raped and beaten by the emperors soldiers. That is when he releases his first chi blast, which burns his mother and the men raping her. When the emperor learns that Nakago is a Seiryuu seishi, he brings him to the palace. Nakago is then *ahem* molested by the emperor. Nakago grows up wanting nothing more than to get revenge on the world that so wronged him. He wants to defeat it.