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So you have no idea what the hell Fushigi Yuugi is? Well heres the summary. If you have any questions email me.


The story starts when two girls named Yuuki Miaka and Hongou Yui go to the national library where they live in Japan. They wander into the restricted section of the library and come across an old book, written in ancient chinese. It's called The Universe Of The Four Gods. Yui begins reading the book "This is the story of a girl who gathered the seven Seishi of Suzaku and gained omnipotent powers. The book itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes reading it will also receive these powers. When the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin."

When the two girls flipped the page, they were surrounded by a red light and soon found themselves in an unknown place. They are soon attacked by thugs who think that they will get quite some money selling these two pretty girls. Before they can do anything however, the thugs are stopped by a handsome young man with the character of the "ogre" on his forehead. After he has gotten rid of the men, he asks the girls for money for his services. When he finds out they have no money he turns to leave. While Miaka searches her pockets for extra change, Yui runs after the man and gets sent back to the library. When she picks up the book she's amazed to find out that everything that just happened with Miaka and her is in The Universe of the Four Gods.

Meanwhile, Miaka is left alone in the strange world which resembles ancient China. However people say it is called Konan. Not knowing what to do, Miaka trys to find the mysterious man who had saved her previously. She finds out his name is Tamahome and tags along behind him, not knowing what else to do. While following him, she sees the emporor's procession going down the street. Not knowing the customs of the world, she gets herself in trouble and she and Tamahome are arrested.

When they try to escape, Miaka runs into a man who is named Hotohori. She eventually finds out that he is the emporor of Konan. He realizes that Miaka is from a different world and tells her the story of the 'Universe of the Four Gods' in which a girl from another world will appear to save Konan from danger. She will have 7 seishi to protect her and to help her call Suzaku the animal god. He asks Miaka to be the Suzaku No Miko and she accepts. She soon finds out that Tamahome and Hotohori are also 2 of her 7 seishi. Hotohori reveals himself by showing the character of the 'star' on his neck.

To find the rest of the seishi, Hotohori calls the strongest and bravest men in the country to test them. Miaka insults them to test their honor while Tamahome tests them by beating them up. Pretty soon, most of the men are enraged by the names Miaka calls them and chase after her. In the chaos, a statue drops and falls on top of Miaka. Tamahome jumps on top of her in time to shield her but they are both caught under the rubble with no way of getting out. Until...

A court princess quickly comes and pushes the rubble of of Miaka and Tamahome, revealing herself as one of the seishi. She introduces herself as Kourin and says her seishi name is Nuriko. Nuriko is immediately jealous of Miaka for she has been pining away for the emporor forever and Miaka has just come and taken him away. So from then on, Nuriko does many mean things to Miaka. She once sends her to a pond to get back her earing (which doesnt exist) and Miaka almost drowns. Of course, she is saved and comes up to Nuriko who slaps her. Miaka slaps her back and hands her a stone and tells her to take this since she couldnt find her earring. Nuriko also realizes that Miaka is not after Hotohori after all but instead loves Tamahome who rejects her love. Nuriko then trys to set them up together. >.<



Ok thats enough for today...too tired to write more. My poor hands!