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This is Amiboshi's profile!

Real Name: Bo Koutoku
Seishi Name: Amiboshi (obviously..)
Birthday: August 26
Age: 15
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Hair Color: Light Brown/Sometimes Green
Eye Color: Bluish
Blood Type: A
Seishi Power: He uses his flute to focus his chi
Character: "ko" or High Spirits
Location of His Character: On his right shoulder
Interests: music,music,taking care of his brother Suboshi,did I mention music?

Amiboshi loves to play his flute and compose music. He is the calm, peaceloving brother of the two and he hates war. He attempts to make peace with his brother and the Suzaku seishi. Amiboshi loves his brother Suboshi very much and cares deeply about him. However, him and his brother are almost complete opposites, with Suboshi being the more violent and Amiboshi being the more peaceful.


Amiboshi is also in love with the Suzaku No Miko, Yuuki Miaka. He discovers his feelings for her when he pretends to be Chiriko in an attempt to make the Suzaku seishi and their Miko fail at summoning Suzaku. He succeeds at this but realizes that what he is doing is wrong, and takes his own life(or so it seems)in an attempt to right his wrongs. However, he does NOT die but does lose his memory. Suboshi, who can no longer sense his brother, seeks revenge from the Suzaku seishi and Miaka. His rage becomes uncontrollable..(but he's another person so..)